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  • Unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn’t do anything. My total sub count stays the same lol

  • Hi mr.beast im your fan from philippines.... Please help me 😢

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  • I’m about to have my first mrbeast burger

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  • When Mr Beast be a president what you think?

  • I subscribed but i am from India ☹️😕

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  • MrBeast, i need your help bro!

  • MrBeast, i need your help bro!

  • MrBeast, i need your help bro!

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  • Can we have an update o. Where the 2 million dollars went to from your 20 million new followers so far this year?

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  • Thank you Mrbeast for helping ppl especially the father with a sick child!

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  • I wanted to see him but clearly can't cuz long trip to indonesia right?

  • America's new president Mr.beast

  • There's a channel called "Mr beast promotions" and it's running a scam that looks identical. Don't know if it's you as well, but you should look into getting it taken down either way.

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  • 2:33 Im sure that kid got laughed by his classmates because he was only one who got PS4 lol

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  • I literally just subscribed today idk y I've been watching mr beast for years but I'm glad I just subscribed because now I can do something for someone else

  • But how sir,you don't know my location. By the way I have already subscribed a long time ago. 😊❤️

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