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  • 7:42 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I don't think so he is going to give that much amount of money😶😶😶

  • Hi mr. beast how do I enter a challenge?

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  • And you



  • Mr beast I love you my name is Michael Clark Mr beast I wish I met you

  • This is beyond phenomenal wow! So many people need this help and will genuinely be changed for life. I cannot wait to see more videos and slide in for some merch. We have been binge watching them lol! A lot of them make me cry 😭. Keep changing the world for the good! 🥰

  • Sus

    • Tuggin on my rainbow let my rainbow bust 🥴 reaching for my smithan while the keep the chops tucked

  • Too easy

  • Marry wait what

  • I wish I could be apart of one of your videos I love this channel so much. It keeps me going while being homeless

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  • Did anyone else see pinkie

  • 70Mil, deserves it!!!!

  • I would’ve bodied this challenge

  • Congo for 70 M love form india 🤗

  • I dire you to destroy 3 peoples EarPods and give them new EarPods ‘ iPhone and a new car 📱💰

  • 7:47 was so funny pls he just laid there LMAo

  • Mrbeast come do it in iowa Waterloo I need that money so bad

  • Respect the man who stepped out only for beast burgers

  • Yo. Quiero participar soy de argentina

  • You're meant to be there kindness step-dad the BOM

  • The guy who stepped out first did it on purpose because he knows Mr. Beast. He knew that he would never let someone go home with nothing!

  • Happy 70 mil Mr beast

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  • Love machine huuh

  • Where do they go to the bathroom

  • Bro when are you gonna post another vidddd

  • Can I johin plsss im poor

  • Akira lost 😔

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  • Classy and streak

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  • MrBeast in the year 2069: the destruction of Chandler Island, a surprise for the country ......

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  • MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Eiffel Tower and surprise France with a taller one....

  • Is so funny when they scream😂😂😂

  • Argentina

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  • Mr beast for president

  • I would love to participate in these videos and challenges

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  • Mack is from airrack

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  • I subscribed on both of my devices

  • Regálame una PC gemin la nese sito

  • Be safe,may the triple jem bless you.I’m REV VIHARAGALA KUSALA THERO FROM SRI LANKA

  • Back against each other and you know

  • Are you 21 bc your first vid was when you were 13 so 13+8=21

  • How do you get into a challenge

  • MR. Beast i still want my cookie

  • Remember To Pray Before Eating And Drinking. Spread The Gospel.

  • Imagine mr beast would do a squid game challenge 😂

  • lessss gooooooooooooo

  • Mr. Beast is crazy

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  • I hope someday I will be there🥰

  • Mr Beast! Please come to Mexico to visit me and my family, I wanna show you my town and invite you traditional food!

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  • hey all of you were saying my name my name is cj

  • 7:41

  • Imagine passing up 500k. Chop off my leg if you want. thats life changing money.

  • I need two ipad pro for university, I wish MrBeast would give them to me haha ​​:(

  • Real life quid game

  • How do they use the bathroom???

  • 🔥I love it OMG🔥

  • Who are you who are you Mr b Mr b Mr beast

  • I was thinking Mr. Beast aka Jimmy should make a drink to go along with the Best burger in the World BEAST BURGERS!

  • Love you mr beast❤❤

  • Subscribed 👍 Mr Beast

  • Those people are turning into savages lol


  • 70mil

  • They pegged carl with a water bottle, that was classic xD

  • That would have been light work for me tbh 💯


  • Jimmy is the best

  • circle.

  • Jimmy:bring out the thing. Chandler: the thing is comming 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • “Idk who threw the gummies” -Karl 😂

  • 70 million 😍🤗😍

  • Squid Game next

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  • hi mrbeast im fan

  • Kee going mr beast i love your vids road to 100mil

  • You are the best mr beast.

  • I subscribed! Please pick me!

  • I have been following since 30.1M

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  • 16:33 ive seen him before on yt i think or some lookalike but if he has a yt tell me it